Fatal Claim

In situations where you lose a family member, you may not only have to deal with the grief that accompanies such a loss but also there may be serious financial implications for those who survive.

Conways Solicitors can provide you with guidance at what is clearly an extremely stressful time and assist you in seeking compensation that may be due to you as a result. Claims involving fatalities are usually extremely complex and require a dedicated approach to assemble a team of experts who can assist in this claim.

Such experts may include engineers, forensic accountants, actuaries, industry or safety experts etc.

In relation to any such claim for compensation, there are usually two distinct headings for compensation.

The first relates to the compensation that would be awarded for the loss of the deceased. The second relates to the compensation that would arise for the loss to the surviving family member/members, especially where that person was the primary earner.

Conways Solicitors offer a free initial consultation to help you understand the process and also to help you identify who the correct defendants might be, what team will be necessary to assess and promote the claim, and detailed advices will be given in respect of legal costs, experts costs and the time scales involved.

The First Step…
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