Separation Agreements

Separation Agreements may be entered into by a married couple as to the basis on which they shall live separate lives.

As an agreement it must represent a compromise that both sides will consent to for life going forward.

Separation Agreements deal with a wide range of issues which can have extremely long term consequences if not dealt with correctly. Conways Solicitors can provide full and frank advice on all of the issues that can arise in a Separation Agreement, including but not restricted to the following headings:

  1. The family home,
  2. Maintenance,
  3. Custody,
  4. Access,
  5. Pension rights,
  6. Succession rights,
  7. Exclusion Clauses,
  8. Waivers under the Family Home Protection Act,
  9. Indemnities for future debts.

Such agreements are legally binding once signed and witnessed by both parties.

The clear advantage of a Separation Agreement is that it has been agreed between the parties and therefore it is more likely to achieve a balance in the long term. If the parties so wish they can also have the Separation Agreement made an Order of the Court by application.

Conways Solicitors can assist with not just the process and the negotiations but can provide expert advice under all of the above headings and assist with the process generally.