Health and Safety

Health and safety is naturally a very serious matter for all parties concerned. The consequences for employers is clear and the consequences for employees can be drastic.

This area has received a lot of attention with many fatalities during the boom years of construction in Ireland. The Health and Safety authority was established in order to lead investigations and to carry out pro-active inspections of work places.

The inspectors under the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 allows the HSA to take certain actions where upon inspection the HSA is unhappy with what it finds. This can range from District court proceedings through to an Ex Parte High Court application under Section 71 of the 2005 act to “restrict or prohibit work activities at part or all of the work place”.

Avail of in between those options.

Conways Solicitors can provide representation in relation to any prosecution that arises as well as drafting safety statements and employee notices.

This can also deal with the defence of prosecutions for health and safety offences and any related type of issue.

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