Divorce in Ireland since 1996 with the passing of the Family Law (Divorce) Act, it is now possible for a spouse to obtain a Divorce Decree in the Irish Courts which allows either of the spouses to remarry.

The Act sets out the criteria which must be satisfied in order for the Court to grant such a Decree. This includes being:

  1. Separated for four out of the last five years.
  2. The welfare of the spouse and dependant children must be seen to.
  3. There is no reasonable prospect of reconciliation.

At Conway’s Solicitors we are very aware that this is usually a very difficult time for our clients. We at all times try to ensure that the stress of dealing with the procedures and ensuring the correct steps are followed stay with the Solicitor and we are always mindful of how an agreed settlement is always a better result for all parties.

The issues that commonly arise in relation to Divorce proceedings are extremely complex and have long term consequences for the parties. These issues can include:

  1. The family home,
  2. Pensions,
  3. Succession rights,
  4. Maintenance.

Because of the complexity of the area it is highly recommended that you would avail of our free initial consultation and speak with us on a strictly confidential basis and on a no obligation footing.