Road Traffic Accidents

It is important to contact the solicitor at the earliest possible opportunity, to receive good advice and to ensure that your position is protected.

One concern is that there are time limits placed on such accidents which must be adhered to, otherwise the claim will be unsuccessful.

We can guide you through all the pitfalls that arise as a result of road traffic accidents from ensuring that a motor assessor is involved and ensuring that all issues with the motor car are addressed and identified and valued for the purposes of any future claim and also to ensure that where necessary, you are seen by a General Practitioner for the purposes of preparing reports that can be submitted later to support your claim.

It may also be necessary to have an engineer involved, and we can arrange all of this for you.

We aim to take the stress of the situation and provide you with an efficient and straightforward service that will allow you to be confident that your claim is in good hands.

The First Step…
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