Notary Public

In November 2009, Dermot Conway, by application to the Chief Justice of Ireland in the Supreme Court, Four Courts in Dublin was appointed a Notary Public for life in the county of Cork.

He is now in a position to deal with all Notarial matters that may arise.

Such Notarial functions and acts that he would be in a position to deal with range from:

We can advise on the full range of issues that may arise:
  1. Foreign adoptions.
  2. Ship protests.
  3. Statutory Declarations.
  4. Confirmation of Authenticity of documentation.
  5. Assistance with any inter-country difficulties that may arise.
  6. Taking of depositions for other jurisdictions.
  7. The preparation of supporting documentation and transmission for buying and selling property, and other such work, in other countries.
  8. The provision of any service that requires the swearing of documentation etc for presentation in a third party country.
  9. Dealing with the giving effect of bills of exchange
  10. Power of Attorney
  11. Company Documentation
  12. Wills

Dermot Conway is in a position to deal with any query that may arise and the following will be his first point of contact.

LoCall 1890 253051
Emergency/out of hours +353 (0)87 – 6793478
E-mail: or
Fax: +353 21 4905624
International dial +353 21 490 1000