Wills & Probate

Everyone wants to be secure in the knowledge that after our death our loved ones will have nothing to worry about. By making a will you not only ensure your own peace of mind but you also ensure that your loved ones do not have to worry or deal with your estate. While a will if a complex and serious legal document, we at Conways Solicitor can assist you in making your will and doing so in a way that will leave you with that peace of mind and with the certainly that your affairs are in order.

We can advise on the full range of issues that may arise:
Executors and Administrators

We also can advise Executors and administrators who find themselves having to administer an Estate.

Basic Information and documents required:
  • A copy of the death certificate
  • A list of funeral, burial and undertakers expenses
  • The original Will and any amendments or attachments if any OR
  • Where there is no Will, a list of all next of kin of the Deceased: – To include: spouse, children, parents, brothers/sisters, nieces/nephews. Relatives who pre-deceased the deceased must also be disclosed.
  • The addresses of all beneficiaries/Next of Kin
  • The occupations and RSI (PPSN) tax numbers of all beneficiaries/next of kin
  • A list of Assets of the Deceased including property, bank accounts, Credit Union accounts, Post Office accounts, shares held, bonds, cars etc.
  • Details of debts of the Deceased to include funeral expenses, outstanding loans, credit card bills etc.
  • Details of the Deceased’s RSI (PPSN) tax number
  • Details of the Deceased to include: His/Her address and former addresses, occupation, date of birth, marital status. If Separated/Divorced, contact details of former spouse. Whether they lived in Ireland or abroad. Number of children, etc.
  • Details of previous bequests/inheritances to the deceased.
  • Evidence of property ownership e.g. title deeds to house, mortgage, bank books/lodgement slips etc.

The First Step…
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