Post-traumatic Stress

Claims under post-traumatic stress or (as it is otherwise known) nervous shock or traumatic shock are a modern type of claim. It is a common feature of these types of claims that the actual symptoms of the injury do not appear immediately and therefore, it may take time to diagnose what it is that a potential claimant is actually suffering and what the cause of that is.

These types of claims arise where someone either directly suffers an injury or a loved one, say, a child, sees a mother being hit by a car.

These types of injuries are extremely complex and require both professional understanding of the difficulties for the potential client but also the need to ensure that the correct team has been assembled to not only include engineers, forensic accountants and General Practitioners, but also to ensure that the correct psychiatric expert is recruited to ensure that not only is a proper diagnosis given, but also that a treatment plan and a timescale of care be set out to ensure that the full value and body of the claim is assembled.

Symptoms of post-traumatic stress are wide and varied and range from the more obvious ones such as flashbacks and nightmares to less obvious ones such as difficulty sleeping, irritability, difficulty concentrating, feeling jumpy and easily started and can also include anger and irritability, guilt, shame, substance abuse, depression and hopelessness, headaches, stomach problems and chest pain.

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