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HSBC to Settle Madoff Lawsuit

HSBC Holdings Plc has published in its regular tree filings that it has agreed to settle a law suit filed against the company by the investors of Dublin based Thema International Fund that had invested in Bernard L. Madoff Securities. In the settlement agreement announced on Tuesday, HSBC stated that it would pay $62.5... Read More

Challenge mounted to Bankruptcy laws

While it had been reported previously, that a group of Solicitors and Barristers had formed to assist those facing difficulties with financial institutions and repossession orders, the ambit would appear to have widened to take on the infamously outdated Bankruptcy Laws in the Republic of Ireland. It is reported in yesterday’s (the 5th of... Read More

Vietnam Adoptions back on Track

In a report in the Sunday Business Post last weekend ( it was reported that discussions between Ireland and Vietnam are shortly to resume. Vietnam has now signed the Hague Convention and puts Vietnam on a formal footing when it comes to adoptions. This follows on from Ireland’s decision not to renew the previous... Read More

US Prisoner asks Judge to increase sentence to match idols shirt number

A Oklahoma felon regrets having opened his mouth. Having been convicted of armed robbery of a Pizza restaurant, he was sentenced to 30 years in prison. On hearing this, Eric Torpy decided to intervene and ask instead for 33 years. Of course the Judge obliged and now, at the age of 32 , he... Read More

Income Payment Protection fight over

The Irish Examiner has today reported that the Legal fight over the Income Payment Protection Policies, which were a pre-requisite to get a mortgage, is over. The report (which can be seen here ), confirms that it will lead to a large payout. The London Stock Exchange is reporting ( ) that the payouts could... Read More