Judges Pay Targeted

Government to introduce pay cuts to Judiciary

In a move that follows recent contraversy over the routine meeting between Mr. Kenny and the Chief Justice, the Taoiseach has announced that his Government will take on the Judiciary and push through pay cuts.

As reported in the Independent, this comes in the midst of a general review of all highly paid Civil Servants.

Of interest is that the man who may very well be charged with seeing it through is the Justice Minister, who is a practicing Solicitor who regularly appears in the Superior Court and without a Barrister.

After the introduction of the levy Chief Justice Murray introduced a scheme whereby the Judiciary voluntarily surrendered 10% of their pay. While it has not been universally taken up, it would appear that the principal of burden sharing has, in principal, been accepted by the vast majority of the Judiciary.

The Independent also reported that:

Proposals will be brought to Government shortly to facilitate a reduction in the rates to be applied to newly appointed judges

Dermot Conway