Reform of Bankruptcy Laws

EU IMF Requires ammendement of Bankruptcy Rules Under the recent agreement reached by the three parties, Ireland has at long last commenced reform of it the Bankruptcy laws. The existing rules, which are arguably the most punitive in the Western World, require a lengthy period of bankruptcy and expensive Court proceedings. The Irish Times... Read More

No Movement no Citizenship Rights

You must use EU Rights to use EU law to get Citzenship In a press release issued on the 5th of May, the European Court of Justice gave notice of a decision issued by the Court on that date. The position is that Ms. McCarthy, born in the United Kingdom, married a Jamaican man... Read More

Judges Pay Targeted

Government to introduce pay cuts to Judiciary In a move that follows recent contraversy over the routine meeting between Mr. Kenny and the Chief Justice, the Taoiseach has announced that his Government will take on the Judiciary and push through pay cuts. As reported in the Independent, this comes in the midst of a... Read More

Husband to give €1.75 Million and Pension

Sign of the changing times Reported in the Sunday Business Post on Sunday the 24th of April the case had origionally found it’s way before the High Court on the basis that it was an ‘ample resource’ case. At the time, Justice Henry Abbott held that given the changing times, and the uncertainty facing... Read More

Debt chasing

In the current climate, it is an unfortunate, but nonetheless real problem, that people find that debts due and owing have not been paid. The Contract The first thing which needs to be examined by anybody considering collecting a debt, is to establish exactly where the contract was formed and, more importantly, what, if... Read More